Classical Accordion Virtuoso

Universal Recording artist, Martynas guaranteed to provide a riotous ride through a rainbow of styles, all of them artfully tailored and arranged to show off Martynas’s brilliant playing.


The accordion is probably most closely identified with folk music from Eastern Europe and South America, but the young Lithuanian virtuoso Martynas Levickis aims to prove that it can make all kinds of music, everywhere. His debut album on Decca is a riotous ride through a rainbow of styles, all of them artfully tailored and arranged to show off Martynas’s brilliant playing. From Beethoven to Vivaldi, Ennio Morricone to Lady Gaga, he takes the accordion around the world and back and forth across the centuries.

“Yes, I want to change the image of the accordion”, Martynas explains, “but I’m also trying to show all the different possibilities I have as a performer. All the arrangements are brand new and the pieces have never been played this way before. It’s exciting for me to be breaking some rules.” Martynas recently completed his degree at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and has acquired all the knowledge and technical expertise of a professional classical musician, but he sees classical music as just one part of his personal mix. “At some point in my career I want to record an album of modern accordion compositions. But my new album is contemporary music too, just from a different angle.”

In 2010, while he was still studying at the Royal Academy, Martynas won the “Lithuania’s Got Talent” TV show and became a household name in his homeland. He could easily have built a comfortable performing career for himself there, but ever since one of his teachers back home told him he needed to get out of tiny Lithuania and study abroad, Martynas’s horizons have gone global.

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mastery of an instrument once dismissed as a squeezebox

The Times of London

I’ve been listening to a new version of Get Lucky. Daft Punk’s original is pretty good but this summer it’s all about Martynas’s performance of it on YouTube — played on the accordion. Squeezeboxes have never been regarded as the route to mainstream success, but Martynas Levickis (pronounced "Levitskis") is changing that. The "adopted Londoner" (he moved here from his native Lithuania five years ago) had his debut album go straight to No 1 in the classical charts, outselling Katherine Jenkins. And he's only 23. His album includes covers of songs by the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, belying Martynas's rigorous classical training, but also serious pieces by Bach and Vivaldi.

The Standard


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Martynas performs either with his violin duo, string quartet or chamber orchestra. Let us know your requirements and we will send you a quote. 

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